Save Water with Artificial Grass

How Much Water Can I Save with Artificial Grass?

That amount of water you can save by switching to artificial grass depends on a couple of factors. First of all, it depends on what you are replacing. For example, if you are replacing a garden filled with native plants, you will save less water than you would when replacing a garden filled with tropical plants, which require significantly more water. For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at how much water can be saved if you replace a natural grass lawn with synthetic grass. Since conventional lawns use the most water in terms of residential landscaping, this comparison will show the greatest water-conservation potential for home and business owners.

The second factor determining how much water you can save is the size of your lawn. For obvious reasons, you will save more water when replacing larger areas of natural grass than when replacing smaller lawns.

How Much Money Can I Save on My Water Bills with Artificial Grass?

Saving this much water is, of course, an environmentally friendly practice, but you can also benefit from significant cost savings on your water bill. With artificial grass there is no need to worry about water drainage, artificial lawns drain water as if it is regular grass and even better in some cases. … Water simply drains straight through these holes and into the aggregate base below. Due to this, artificial lawns dry relatively quickly compared to regular lawns.

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