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A modern artificial grass hockey field is the optimal basis for fast play and precise ball control. Only a perfectly coordinated, high-quality artificial turf ensures a consistently dense surface structure of the turf fibres and thus a ‘clean’ ball run throughout the entire service life.

HOW IS AN ARTIFICIAL TURF HOCKEY FIELD BUILT? How is an artificial turf hockey field built

First let’s take a closer look at an artificial turf system. In principle, there are two distinct systems used for hockey: artificial turf systems with sand backfill and unfilled artificial turf systems. The former are suitable for multifunctional sports facilities such as those required by schools or sports clubs. On pitches that are reserved exclusively for playing hockey, unfilled artificial turf systems are used, which must be irrigated with a sprinkler before each use. A wet artificial turf hockey pitch provides the perfect surface for professional field hockey competitions as the ball’s rolling behaviour can be assessed better and the players can slide without risk of injury. Compared to artificial football turf, the grass blades of hockey-specific artificial turf systems are only 11 to 14-mm long – sand-filled systems use turf with a blade height of up to 30 mm.

The 2012 Olympic Games in London sparked a revolution in the sport of field hockey. The colour of the artificial grass changed from green to blue. And, as if that was not enough change, the organisers of the Riverbank Arena had the perimeter of the pitch finished in bright pink. The choice of colour had its reasons. The blue playing field provided a significantly higher contrast for the white lines and ball, thus giving TV viewers a better view at home. Visitors in the stadium were also able to follow this fast game with a small ball better, which also changed colour from white to yellow to achieve the perfect contrast. The colour changes impressed spectators, players and organisers alike, and so a yellow ball on a blue background is now the standard in professional tournament hockey. We provide the best aritifical turf for hockey fields.

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