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In order to obtain FIFA certification for the artificial surface, the final pitch must pass a field test. This certification serves as proof that your surface fulfils the highest requirements for artificial football surfaces, and as such it should be linked to your warranty. The field test must be conducted by a FIFA-accredited field test institute according to the Handbook of Test Methods. The field will only be granted a FIFA QUALITY or FIFA QUALITY PRO mark and appear in the FIFA Field Database if it passes the field test. For international matches between teams of two confederations or for international club competitions, certification is mandatory.

Installation phase

The installation can roughly be divided into the following five areas:
  • Basework/earthwork
  • Drainage
  • Sub-base (elastic layer, asphalt, underground heating, surface irrigation)
  • Synthetic surfacing
  • Installation of sport equipment (goals, bench)
A quality basework, including the drainage and sub-base work, is necessary for the longevity of a turf installation. A solid basework ensures that the underground does not become uneven after a short time, which would also affect the evenness of the football turf. When laying synthetic grass, the installer should make sure that the cuts are straight and the seams are glued properly. If a defect is spotted after a certain time of use, the installer should be contacted and asked to carry out the necessary repair work. This should be clearly defined in your warranty.

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