Rugby Artificial Turf

Rugby is extremely demanding on the playing surface as the game involves a high level of physical contact from heavy players. CCGrass provides rugby turf systems, which incorporate long length fibres (pile height), infilled with performance infills and laid over special shockpads, to ensure a high HIC value and good energy restitution to players, meeting World Rugby Regulation 22.

Why Use Rugby Turf?

  • At least 30 hours playing time per week
  • Perfect for intense usage
  • Great fit for multi-sport facilities
  • Less but more specific maintenance
  • Additional revenue generator due to longer playing hours
  • Less water required
  • Recyclable
  • Better suited to extreme weather conditions
  • Consistent surface throughout the playing season

Player welfare is paramount when it comes to our rugby turf solutions. Green Lawn does not have separate requirements for different levels of play: Thus, by ensuring every pitch meets rigorously tested standards, the player’s safety is never compromised. Always ensure your pitch is designed, built and maintained to meet World Rugby Regulation 22.

Green Lawn is the leading supplier artifical turf for rugby fields in UAE.

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